About Us

Welcome to New York Rivals. This site was the brain trust of two college buddies — one is a Yankees fan, and the other is a Mets fan. Both passionate fans of their favorite team, they were forced to live together as roommates where the baseball discussion revolving around the two teams was intense. They both share a healthy respect for the game of baseball and both teams (we don’t hate our cross-town rival, but we don’t love them either).

The site was developed to give fans a place to see the news about their team through the eyes of the cross-town fans. You will see the discussions and debates between Mets and Yankees fans on the hot topics surrounding the team, and also be given the chance to debate against your cross-town rivals.

You can sign up (using the link in the menu) to debate a topic against a cross-town rival fan. The debate will be posted on the site along with a poll so that the fans can vote to determine the winner. If that’s not your ball of wax, the comment thread is always there to jump into the discussion, and show the support for your favorite team.

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