Who Will Win More Games in 2014: Mets or Yankees?

Who Will Win More Games in 2014: Mets or Yankees?

Steve says

Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 7.34.12 AMThis is one of those questions only a Met fan could pose. A healthy Matt Harvey and maybe we have a conversation but at this point these teams aren’t close. You can make a legitimate argument outside of third baser that the Yankees are better at each position on the diamond. I would love to know how the Mets felt when they heard Nelson Cruz signed for the same money as Chris Young. Maybe its the goal in Queens to collect every has been in baseball named Chris Young.

Mitch responds

Typical Yankee fan answer. I don’t think Harvey makes that much of a difference if he pitches every five days. You mentioned the Mets have an edge at third base, but I think they clearly have an advantage at second and I’m not convinced Derek Jeter can outperform whoever the Mets play at shortstop anymore…the dude is 40. The Mets have the edge with the bullpen, but the Yankees clearly have the stronger outfield.

I wasn’t blown away with the Chris Young signing but it’s a little early to call him a has been. I would rather take a shot on him for $7.25 million than what Nelson Cruz was originally thought to be drawing in free agency…plus he didn’t cost the Mets a draft pick.

I’m not saying the Mets will win more games than the Yankees, but I don’t know if the Yankees will win 20 more games like you made it seem.

Steve says

The draft pick is a fair argument but Chris Young is a platoon player/4th outfielder at best and the Mets drastically overpaid him based on what the market dictated.

To compare Ruben Tejada or possibly Stephen Drew to Jeter, even at 40, is not fair. If healthy Jeter is still a safe bet for 180 hits and 100 runs scored, two levels neither of the Mets possible options can expect to reach.

Also where has this fascination with Daniel Murphy come from with Met fans? Granted Brian Roberts has had more concussions than Eric Lindros, but if healthy they, are very comparable players.

Mitch responds

Screen Shot 2014-02-23 at 2.44.39 PMAnother typical Yankee fan response. Why isn’t it fair to compare Jeter to those guys at this point? Stop living in the past. Has Jeter earned the right to never be compared to anyone, ever again? The fact is he is coming off an injury and practically hasn’t played since 2012—you can’t tell me with a straight face that you are confident he is just going to bounce back at his age…and Roberts was a great second baseman, but hasn’t hit over .250 since 2010.

That Yankees infield is sketchy at this point—Mark Teixeira‘s wrist is a question mark, Roberts’ health is a question mark, Jeter is 40, and third base is a complete unknown.

If the Yankees can play to the back of their baseball cards (from 2010), they may have another World Series in the making. But having the distinction of being the oldest team in baseball, they will all have to stay on the field for that to happen—that is something I’m not sure they can accomplish.

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  • what1233456

    How about a non – Mets or Yankees fan. This question is ridiculous, the obvious answer is the Yankees.

    • mitchpetanick

      It’s ridiculous to make a claim that a team can obviously win more games than another with all of the things that can happen during a 162 game season. We were just having some fun.